The Full Ratchet (TFR): Venture Capital and Startup Investing Demystified

Jonathan Hung of Unicorn Venture Partners joins Nick to discuss Why Sales Cycle Determines Success, the Challenges of International Deal Diligence, and Fractional Hiring in a Post COVID World. In this episode we cover:

  • Jonathan's background and path to VC
  • The launch of Unicorn Venture Partners
  • The thesis at Unicorn Venture Partners
  • Deal volume Unicorn Venture Partners is doing each year
  • Jonathan's role as Senior Venture Partner and head of due diligence at Expert Dojo
  • Thesis and workings of Expert Dojo
  • What due diligence entails when targeting companies all across the world and at super early stages
  • How to deal with teams that have different cultural backgrounds when trying to get the psychology of the team and figure out if it's a team that has the ambition and the capability to win and win big
  • Jonathan's role as an LP in over 22 VC funds and the common success factors across those funds?
  • Things that funds do that lend themselves well to success and or failure
  • How Jonathan's decision process is different on the fund side versus the startup side
  • Generally underappreciated metrics that are critical to assess before making an angel or pre-seed investment
  • How to help founders recruit talent and any tips or advice for startups out there to help their portfolio increase their talent without just hiring recruiters
  • Best approach to networking
  • When is it best not to take VC money and just build a great business model?
  • Buyer or seller on NFTs?
  • Jonathan's quick take on SPACs versus Direct Listings versus Traditional IPO.
  • If Jonathan thinks valuations are at an all-time high?
  • Out of the top 10 most valuable companies, five years from now, Jonathan's three that are currently in the top 10 and won't be in the top 10.
  • What do you know, you need to get better at?
  • What's the best way for listeners to connect with Jonathan and follow along with his investment efforts.

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