The Full Ratchet (TFR): Venture Capital and Startup Investing Demystified

Wayne Kimmel of SeventySix Capital joins Nick to discuss Sports Tech and the Future of eSports. In this episode, we cover:

  • Talk about the investment focus and approach of your firm
    When did Ryan Howard start working w/ you and how did he become a part of the leadership team?
  • Talk a bit about sports tech has evolved over the past decade.
  • All these players or former players are getting involved on the investment-side... some pretty savvy, some more green... good thing or bad thing?
  • What lens or framework does your firm use to segment the sportstech landscape?
  • I've heard SportsTech categorized into Athlete performance tech, broadcast audience enjoyment tech, and In-person experience tech. Do you consider startups in these categories and where have you seen the most opportunities?
  • eSports (ie. video games as a sport)... has exploded in popularity. Talk a bit about what you're seeing in esports and how you're approaching it from an investment standpoint.
  • I know a number of sportstech investors that avoid the youth, amateur and collegiate markets, b/c they think all the money is in the professional markets. Missed opportunity or is there something to this position?
  • Lessons from owning the USFL champions, the Stars?
  • What are the specific ways you get involved with portfolio companies?
  • You've spoken a lot about the importance of networking, and even wrote a book about it. What key lessons do you have for listeners w/ regard to networking?
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