The Full Ratchet (TFR): Venture Capital and Startup Investing Demystified

Jonathan Lehr of Work-Bench joins Nick to discuss IT and Enterprise Tech Investing, The Realities and Myths of PLG, and The Past and Future of NYC Tech. In this episode we cover:

  • Walk us through your background and path to VC.
  • Tell us a little more about the thesis at Work-Bench. 
  • On your website, you mention you invest in "seed and seed II" startups. What is a seed II?
  • What sort of myths are there around PLG companies?
    • How do you advise startups to price their products?
  • Mark Suster recently Tweeted…  "If you look at our industry, it's now awash with capital that requires every firm to get very focused on where its edge comes from. If you're not a bulge-bracket VC, choose your positioning wisely"(stage, sector, geography, founder access) … way too many firms are generic". What are your thoughts on the financing environment?
  • You've been a part of the New York tech ecosystem for about a decade now. How has the tech scene evolved over the past 10 years or so? 
    • There was a dogma for a while that enterprise startups had to be built in Silicon Valley. Why do you think this is a mistaken belief?

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